Jacob and Rachel

Once Jacob said to Rachel's dad:

Your daughter is so fine,

I love her and I love her hair

I want her to be mine.

And father said:

She will be yours

But she will cost you tears

And you'll be hers, live in my house

And work for 7 years.

And Jacob thought: I'll work for him

And I'll live in his house,

And he'll give me a child of his,

Then Rachel will have ours.

And father said to Jacob boy,

Right after the third year,

-I said my daughter would be yours,

So take my daughter Leah.

-I worked for you for 7 years,

For many days and hours,

We have a contract between us,

It and its seal are ours.

-I signed it but the text of its

Didn't have "Rachel" in it,

So work for me for one more time.

- I will.

- Good job, but wait a bit.

You'll have them both,

They will be yours,

And so you will be theirs

And they will give birth to their heirs,

Or should I say my heirs.​​​

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