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Founded in 1988, «Intensiv Language School» has a reputation of a highly professional and prestigious linguistic center. For many years we have run foreign language courses such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Teaching Russian takes a special place in our work, as Russian is our native language, and we are glad to provide foreigners with the best Russian language courses.

Our courses are designed for the needs of the expatriate community and our methods combine intensive teaching with a personal and communicative approach. All our courses are run by experienced and qualified teaching staff.


Our teachers use Communicative approach to teaching which means that students acquire the skills through interaction in the target language. Accent is put on functional/usable vocabulary and grammar patterns. Classes emphasize oral and listening skills. Contact time with the language is all-important — it paves way for better command of it. Not just hearing the teacher, but having personal contact with the language, practicing sounds themselves, formulating sentence patterns and getting a chance to make mistakes and learn from doing so helps students master English.

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Study Programmes

General Russian (60-100 ak.h.)

This course is intended for a very wide audience. It will help people with little or no knowledge of Russian to become proficient quickly. The general Russian language course is designed to teach you conversational, day-to-day Russian and covers such essential aspects as meeting people, getting around the city, shopping, etc. Our tutors will not only familiarize you with background knowledge on etiquette and Russian traditions, but will teach you how to put your cultural knowledge to use. By the end of the course you will have acquired a large vocabulary and a basic introduction to Russian grammar, and you will be able to converse and be understood in a variety of situations. You will also be able to socialize, read books and newspapers in Russian, watch TV and movies. The advanced level program includes reading original Russian literature, newspapers and magazines. Studying with us, you will have the pleasure of seeing real results with every day practice.

We offer five levels of General Russian language courses:

  1. Russian for Beginners
  2. Pre-Intermediate
  3. Intermediate
  4. Upper-Intermediate
  5. Advanced

Every level incorporates a different set of course and reference books by the best Russian methodologists. Each level is planned for 60-100 hours of classes (1 ac.hour = 45 mins) which are structured to develop major language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and most important Speaking.

Business Russian (60-100 ak.h.)

This course is designed for business professionals who feel that lack of Russian is affecting their business and quality of life in Russia. This course provides a better insight into the country's economy and enables students to fuel their Russian partner's interest in their business.

During the course you learn how to use Russian in different business situations as well as how to develop your grammatical competence and conversational skills. We will provide you with a customized program and a schedule to meet your personal needs. The course timetable is flexible and is worked out individually. Lessons can also be held on weekends and in locations other than the school.

Corporate Courses (60-100 ak.h.)

Corporate clients may choose a language course in General Russian to improve their staff members' language skills, as well as a customized course, which is specially tailored to meet their business and professional interests.

Types of Classes

Group Courses

We provide teaching in groups, 2-4 or 5-8 participants per group, which guarantees efficient working in the class. Groups study two or three times a week or every day, depending on the students’ needs. Each class can last 2-4 ac.hours (1 ac.hour = 45 mins). Applicants are listed into groups according to the results of an assessment test. Group courses are available at five levels.

One-to-One Courses

One-to-one classes are demanding and require full concentration in order to achieve best results. The exact content of the course is jointly determined by the teacher and the student during the first lesson. The student is invited to specify his/her fields of interests, which gives the teacher an idea of what the student aims to achieve and allows him to establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary. One-to-one classes are available for all levels. Course schedule is flexible and is agreed on individually before the beginning of the course.

Group + One-to-One Courses

Some students have a need to develop Russian language skills, which can only be practiced in groups and the same students may also have very specific requirements, which are better dealt individually with the teacher. This combined course allows such students to improve both areas: e.g. 4 lessons per week in a group + 4 lessons per week individually.

General Terms

Terms of participation

You may join our courses any time — we work all year round. If you have any previous knowledge of Russian you should take a placement test. A placement test helps to estimate your knowledge of Russian and your basic language skills. You are kindly asked to register for the test beforehand. You may also join the group, which is working now. Please, get in touch to find out about current schedule.

Course cancellation and absence during the group course

Absence during the group course cannot be compensated through additional lessons or reimbursed. Cancellations are not refunded. Minimum package of one-to-one tutoring: 10 ac. hours (must be taken within 4 weeks).

Contact Info

Classes will be provided right in the center of Moscow.

Adress: Kuznetsky Most, Metro "Kuznetsky Most", "Lubyanka". Yandex.Maps


Tel: +7 (495) 925-77-19

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