Conversations in English



Alex: Excuse me, what time is it?

Russian tourists: Как это сказать? Look at Big Ben.

Alex: Thank you, have a nice day.

What a beautiful dress. Can I take a picture of you?

Patricia: 30 pounds 50 p. Joke. Of course you can.

Alex: Selfie. I'm Alex. What's your name?

Patricia: I'm Patricia. I'm from Brasil. Oh, Gaku is here!

Alex: What's Gaku?

Patricia: Who is Gaku. He's my classmate. He's from Japan.

Gaku: Hello, Patricia, How are you?

Patricia: I'm fine! This is Alex.

Gaku: Hello, Alex, I'm Gaku. Nice to meet you.

Alex: Nice to meet you too.

Gaku: I'm going to see the match in the pub. England and Uruguay play.

Patricia: Will you join us, Alex.

Alex: Yes!



Guard: Your ID, please

Gaku: Here's my student card

Guard: Welcome

Patricia: Here's my passport

Guard: OK. Your ID, please

Alex: Unfortunately, my passport is at home, but I have a photo of my visa.

Guard: Sorry, we don't accept photocopies and things. Only originals.

Alex: It's not fake. I'm a student here.

Guard: You have to be over 18 and you have to show your ID, too.

Patricia: Alex, are you with us?

Alex: My friends are there.

Guard: OK, next time, please, bring your ID with you.


3) PUB

Gaku: What beer would you like, Alex?

Alex: I don't drink alcohol.

Patricia: THe match is great

Alex: England doesn't have much luck today

Patricia: I support U...

Alex: Me?

Patricia: I support U... you know what I mean

Waitress: So, you ordered 3 drinks

Alex: No, 2 drinks

Waitress: I can't believe this guy! He says he had 2 drinks, but he had 3.

Alex: Oh, sorry! I forgot! 3 drinks, but they cost 2 pounds. I'm not good with numbers!


4) BUS

Alex: What's wrong?

Driver: Our mirror fell off. Our LEFT mirror. We can't go at all!

Alex: What are we supposed to do?

Driver: We need to get off the bus. Oh no! We can't. The mirror blocked the door. We're trapped.

Alex: Can you open the emergency door?

Driver: Yes, I can. It's open.

Alex: I can fix it!

Driver: It won't be long! The mechanics will deal with it! I'll call them. They will be here in 15 minutes.

Alex: On Friday night! Great! Well, we'll wait for 2 hours!



Alex: Hello, Can I stay here for a night?

Clerk: Yes, no problem. Your passport and 30 pounds please. Breakfast is included.

Alex: Can I charge my telephone?

Clerk: An adapter costs 3 pounds

Alex: Fine. Where's my room?

Clerk: It's on the 3rd floor. You can take a lift. Here's the key.

Alex: Did Amir stay here?

Clerk: A guy called Amir arrived last night. But I don't remember which room he stayed in.

Alex: OK, See you in the morning.

Clerk: Good night!



Alex: Hello. My bus from Bournemouth had an accident. I got a sorry card. They promised a free tour as a refund. So, I'd like a free tour back to Bournemouth.

Clerk: Our main office is in Birmingham. Do you think I can help?

Alex: Yes, Well, you work for this company!

Clerk: OK then. I'll phone our main office.

Alex: Hello, My bus from Bournemouth had an accident. I got a sorry card. They promised a free tour as a refund. So, I'd like a free tour back to Bournemouth. Sorry card number is 90597

Operator: Your name, please

Alex: Alexander Nevzorov.

Operator: Can you spell your surname?

Alex: It's N-E-V-Z-O-R-O-V

Operator: Thank you, Your bus leaves at 1:30 am. The number is TRB01764.

Alex: The number is TRB01764. Got it. Thank you.



Alex: Let's go to the Chinese restaurant

Patricia: Oh, I love Chinese cuisine

Alex: I thought you liked pizza

Patricia: Yes, I do, but I like Oriental food more

Alex: And that's not all! You pay 25 pounds and you can eat as much as you want!

Patricia: That's great! Let's go there. But let's take something mild. I don't like spicy food very much.

Alex: Really? I love it!



Alex: We'd like to take an excursion around Liverpool, to see the Beatles places.

Clerk: You can take a bus tour. Or a taxi tour. It cost just 45 pounds for two.

Patricia: We are two!

Alex: What will we see?

Clerk: You'll see Lennon's house, McCartney's house, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Liverpool Institute, where John and George studied and Ringo Starr's house too.

Alex: Wonderfel! Can you call the taxi for us right now?

Clerk: Sure! They'll be here very soon.

Alex: Thanks a lot!



Alex: Hello, can I have some ice cream?

Seller: Sure, you can choose any kind of ice cream

Alex: Banana, chocolate, strawberry, honey mmmm, do you have any special ice cream.

Seller: Here's chili pepper ice cream but it's sweet

Alex: Wow! That's something new! I'll take it! 1 scoop of this one, please.

Seller: Here you are.

Alex: Thank you! By the way, today is my birthday, the 1st of June.

Seller: Happy birthday!

Alex: Thank you!



Alex: It's summer solstice today. The shortest night of the year!

Patricia: Oh, that's why there are so many people here.

Alex: You bet, It happens once a year!

Partricia: Look! They are singing, playing the drums, shout, take pictures.

Alex: So much fun! They won't let us sleep! They won't stop until the sunrise.

Patricia: Look! The sky is getting pink!


Alex: It's an unforgetable experience!


Gaku: Good morning, Alex

Alex: Good morning, Gaku, you're so early today

Gaku: I'm having breakfast. Join me?

Alex: Sure! Can I have some juice?

Gaku: Stop, Alex, it's not juice, it's squash, you need to add it water.

Alex: Thanks for warning, Gaku! I'm going to get some water.

Gaku: I almost saved your life!

Alex: Thank you, Gaku, thanks a lot!



Alex: Patricia! Do you have a plaster?

Patricia: What have you done?

Alex: I've cut my finger!

Patricia: How did you cut it?

Alex: With a knife!

Gaku: It was an interesting question!

Patricia: Here's a plaster for you!

Alex: Thank you! I feel better already!



Alex: Patricia, would you like to take a ride on that beautiful hot-air balloon?

Patricia: It would be wonderful

Alex: I've got two tickets. Let's go! We'll see the whole city from above!

Patricia: Alright!

Alex: By the way, will you join me for the International fair after our ballon ride?

Patricia: I'd love to, but I have to study hard. My test is tomorrow. Sorry.

Alex: Well, good luck. and now, let's run to the balloon until it's too late!



Alex: It's late and a lot of people are drunk.

Patricia: I see.

Alex: It's a dangerous neighbourhood.

Patricia: So, what are we to do?

Alex: Hold my hand... and watch your wallet.

Patricia: I have no wallet with me.

Alex: Well, watch your pocket.

Patricia: I don't have any either!

Alex: Then try not to lose me!



MISS JENKINS: Do you have enough money to go to Liverpool?

Alex: Yes, I have enough cash, but I'm not sure about my card.

MISS JENKINS: What's wrong with it?

Alex: It doesn't work in a shop. I can only withdraw money from a cashpoint.

MISS JENKINS: Is it a credit card?

Alex: No, it's a debit card. Mastercard.

MISS JENKINS:All Mastercard cards are credit.

Alex: Mine is not.

MISS JENKINS: It's impossible.

Alex: I really don't know what's wrong with it. May be it's a LOCAL card...

MISS JENKINS: Did you get it here?

Alex: No, I got it in Moscow

MISS JENKINS: So, you can't say It's LOCAL.

Alex: Well, I mean it WAS local, when I was in Moscow.

MISS JENKINS: What's wrong with your card? Are you still sure going to Liverpool is a good idea?

Alex: Sure.

MISS JENKINS: Ok, then, Can I buy some coffee for you?

Alex: That's very nice of you, MISS JENKINS.



Alex: How long does it take to get to Liverpool?

Clerk: 5 hours.

Alex: I'd like to go on Satuday morning and come back by Sunday night

Clerk: What time do you want to leave?

Alex: Let's say.. 10 o'clock.

Clerk: OK, So this is a ticket to LIverpool with a change in Stafford

Alex: 2 tickets, please

Clerk: No problem, have a nice trip!




17) Café

Miss Jenkins: So, Alex, we need to meet. Let’s spend some time in the café. What’s your favourite?

Alex: Oh, I don’t know… let’s see.. Pizza hut on Crimea Road.

Miss Jenkins: But it’s not a café. Anyway, it wasn’t a café. May be it is now. Ok, see you there.

After 20 minutes

Miss Jenkins: Well, I told you, Pizza Hut was a delivery point, not a café. I asked you if you had any café you liked to have lunch at.

Alex: But I don’t usually have lunch at the café. I study all the time. And even when I eat, I prefer to buy food at the shop.

Miss Jenkins: All right, get into the car, we’ll drive to the sea, where we can see a wonderful sunset.

Alex: Sure. Let’s go.


18) Clotted Cream

Alex: Excuse me, can you help me to remember the name of some food?

Teacher: Yes.

Alex: I remember, it was a dairy product. Some cream, with a past participle word. Like, clouded cream

Teacher: Clotted cream.

Alex: Yes, that’s right. Clotted cream.

Teacher: When you take a scone and spread some clotted cream on it and add some black currant jam and Earl Grey tea with me, it will be a real English breakfast.

Alex: Great! I’ve got to try.


19) Singing sands

Alex: Patricia, I want to show you something.

Patricia: Where?

Alex: At the beach. It’s a special kind of sand.

Patricia: Is it red?

Alex: No

Patricia: White? Blue? Green?

Alex: No, it’s not about the colour, it’s about the way it sounds.

Patricia: Sand? Sounds?

Alex: Yes, it’s called singing sand. It makes squeaking and whistling sounds when you move it with your hands or when you run on it.

Patricia: How interesting!


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