Когда после глагола ставить to или -ing?

Порой трудно запомнить какая форма ставится после первого глагола: to или -ing. Данный рэп поможет вам запомнить, герундий или инфинитив стоит рядом с конкретными глаголами.

Banana Party.

Stop working, have a break, stop to have some fun,

I invite everyone, everyone to come,

I advise everyone, everyone to come.

Remember having fun when you were younger?

Remember, don't forget to come.

Don't refuse to listen to music,

I can't help dancing to its tune.

I'll help you all to have a party

In winter or in June.

I adore eating bananas,

I can't stand living without bananas,

1 banana, 2 bananas,3 bananas,4.

I've always trie to eat many bananas,

I've never regreted eating some more.

I can afford to buy many bananas,

I don't mind having them night and noon.

I can't imaging living without bananas,

I always look forward to eating more soon.

I promise to love, to miss having bananas,

I consider living in Bananaland,

I want to be near them,

I'd like to be with them, and I remind you to have them in your hand.

Don't avoid dancing, when you start moving,

I suggest you dancing,

I offer you to dance,

I allow you to sing,

I let you sing loudly,

I can make you laugh, so please take a chance.

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