Many & Much

Many things you count with fingers:
Apples, elephants and singers,
1 2 3 4 5 6
People, oranges and sticks,
Movies, songs, computers, chairs,
Children, insects, birds and bears,
Men and women, teeth and geese,
Mice and ties and sheep and trees,
Candies, candles, handles, hands,
Feet and boys and girls and friends.

Much is measured out in grams,
Litres,meters, kilograms,
Like salt, sugar, water, snow,
Also knowledge that you know,
Cream and cheese, bread, butter, honey,
Also love and time and money,
Noise and music, ice and silk,
Joy and happiness, fun, milk,
Work and business,plastic, wood,
Blood and care and brotherhood,
Keepin touch, keepin touch,
Many words can say so much.

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