С какими глаголами используется «not to»?

To be or not to be – мы знаем из Шекспира.

Обычно мы используем «Don’t» перед глаголами, но иногда ставим not to.

Это такие глаголы и глагольные выражения:

  • Remember
  • Remember not to waste your money.

  • Decide
  • I decided not to go there.

  • Promise
  • Do you promise not to tell the secret?

  • Tell (me)
  • She told me not to play.

  • Ask (me)
  • They asked me not to use my phone.

  • Learn
  • He learned not to fall.

  • Do (my) damnedest
  • I do my damnedest not to lose my money.

  • Prefer
  • I prefer not to eat pork.

  • Command
  • The officer commanded not to shoot.

  • Persuade (me)
  • She persuaded me not to download that application.

  • Try
  • Try not to speak with your mouth full.​​​

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