Что такое грамограмма?

Это когда одна буква, цифра или иной знак при правильном прочтении звучит как целое слово, или хотя бы его часть. Широко используется при ребусах, сокращениях, шарадах.

Важно помнить, как буквы называются правильно, чтобы правильно читать такие надписи


1: won

2: to, too

22: tutu

3:[footnote 1] tree

4: for, fore

4M: forum (forced)

4T: forty

6T: sixty

7T: seventy

8: ate

8T: eighty

9T: ninety

&: and, end (forced)

AT: eighty

B: be, bee

B2: beat you (forced)

B4: before

B8: bait, bate

B9: benign

BD: beady

BTU: beat you (forced)

BUT: beauty

B&: band, banned

C: see, sea

CD: seedy

CL: seal

CT: city (forced)

C&: canned

D: the, thee (forced)

D4M: deform (forced)

D8: date

DK: decay

DL: deal

DV&: deviant (forced)

DVS: devious

D&D/D&E: dandy

D@: that (forced), dat

EU: eww (in context)

EZ:[footnote 2] easy

F: have (forced, in context)

F8: fate

FND: effendi

FNS: finesse

FRE1: everyone (forced)

FRE: every (forced)

FX: effects, affects

FXN: affection

FXN8: affectionate (forced)

F&: fanned

F@: fat

F@N: fatten

FMN8: effeminate (forced)

GR8: great

H8: hate

H&: hand

H@: hat

I: I, eye, aye

IC: icy, I see

II: aye-aye

IV: ivy

JL: jail

JQZ: jacuzzi

K9: canine

KL: kale

KMN: Caiman, Cayman

KND: candy (forced)

K&D/K&E: candy

K@: cat

L: well (forced)

L8: late

LI: ally

LO: hello

LRG: allergy

L&: land

M: am

MN: Oman (forced)

MT: empty

M8: mate

M8E/M8T: matey

M&: manned

N: and, an

N4M: inform (forced)

NDR: India (forced)

NDN: Indian (forced)

NDNR: Indiana (forced)

NE: any

NE1: anyone

NGL: angel (forced)

NMA: anime (forced)

NME: enemy

NML: animal

NMNE: anemone

NRG: energy

NRK: anarchy

NTD/NTT: entity

NV: envy

NVS: envious

O: oh, owe

OBDNC: obediency

ODS: odious

OPM: opium

OR: or, oar (forced)

P: pea, pee

PL: peel

PNE: peony

PT: pity

P&: panned

Q8: Kuwait

Q8E/QAT: Qu'aiti

Q: cue, queue

QT: cutie

R: are, ar, arr

R8: rate

RA: array

RKDN: arcadian

RST: arrestee

RT: arty

S: is (forced, in context)

SA: essay

SKP: escapee

T: tea, tee

TDS: tedious

T&: tanned

U: you, ewe, yew

W8: wait, weight

X: ex, eggs

XI: Act Sci (forced, colloquial shorthand for Actuarial Science)

XL: excel

XLNC: excellency

XLR8: accelerate

XPDNC: expediency

XS: excess, exes, Axis (forced)

Y: why

YT: whitey



Алфавит может быть записан фонетически, наоборот, словами:

Aye Bee Sea Dee Ee Eff Gee Aitch Eye Jay Kay Elle Em En Oh Pee Queue Are Ess Tee Ewe Vee Double You Ex Why Zee.


A : Ay

 B : Bee (BeeLanguage)

 C : Cee (e.g., CeePlusPlus)

 D : Dee (DeeLanguage)

 E : Ee (e.g. EeLanguage)

 F : Eff [ef]

 G : Gee

 H : Aitch

 I : Aye (Eye, Ie, Ij)--Ij is Dutch :)

 J : Jay (JayLanguage)

 K : Kay (e.g., EssAndKayCombinators)

 L : Ell [el]

 M : Em (e.g., EmExpressions)

 N : En (EnDash)

 O : Oh (BigOh)

 P : need a better suggestion than "Pee"....such as 'pea' perhaps? or Pe ..... What's wrong with Pi ? (see below)

 Q : Queue [cue]

 R : Ar

 S : Ess (e.g., EssAndKayCombinators)

 T : Tee

 U : You? Yoo? Yue? Ue?

 V : Vee

 W : DoubleYou? [doubleu]

 X : Ex (ExCode)

 Y : Wye (That one looks best; better than Wie?  Why?  Wae?)

 Z : Zee (AmericanCulturalAssumption), Zed (ZedLanguage)